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Enlighten Smart Poster

See me. Like me. Engage me. Enlighten me.

Enlighten smart poster for interactive mobile-to-consumer marketing. Enlighten NFC smart posters and interactive accent lighting enhance the advertising message for your campaign and products. Be inspired!

What are Enlighten Smart-Poster?

Enlighten smart posters are interactive printed materials that link a printed poster to an online campaign or visitor information. Consumers with NFC-enabled mobile phones simply hold their mobile phone to the picture frame to retrieve information.

How do Enlighted Smart Posters work?

Enlighten Smart Posters ensure even backlighting and enable interactive customer dialogue. The interested consumer wants to know more about the advertised product. To do this, he holds his NFC-enabled smart phone to the designated tag of the Enlighten smart poster.


  • Billboard campaign
  • Product placement
  • Customer and visitor information
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Art galleries, museums

Enlighten Smart Poster is the smartest of smart poster.


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