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Payment with or without previous registration

ePark24 Apps

e24 sms App (iPhone / Android / Windows Phone)

The app “e24 sms” allows easy payment at ePark24 and ePay24 locations.

Combined input and selection fields allow quick selection

  • the 10 nearest locations
  • the last 10 license plates
  • the parking lot numbers of the location
  • the tariffs and parking times of the location

or the direct input of the individual values. The user must confirm the sending of the SMS message. As a receipt, the user receives an SMS with details of the location, the time slot and details of his transaction.


  • Pay with Premium SMS (SMS to 9000)

Features (login required):

  • Pay by mobile payment PostFinance (SMS to 9009)
  • Pay with eAccount (SMS to 9009)

Features (location and Internet access required):

  • List of the 10 nearest ePark24 and / or ePay24 locations
  • List of fees and parking times of ePark24 locations

Languages: German, Français, Italiano, English

Mobi App (iPhone)

Pay easily, securely and conveniently with the ePark24 iPhone application

Easy, secure and convenient with the iPhone to pay the parking fees. The parking spaces can be selected from a list or determined with the “LocateMe” function from the current position. After choosing the parking, the corresponding charges and parking information will be displayed.

A prior registration is not necessary. As a receipt, the user receives an SMS instant message.


  • Pay parking fees with the iPhone
  • Display the remaining parking duration
  • View the parking fees
  • List of recently used parking spaces / favorites
  • Location list of ePark24 parking lots
  • “LocateMe” to find the parking in your area
  • SMS receipt


Languages: German, English

e24 AG, Nordstrasse 15, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland

+41 58 311 10 05 | info[at]